International Congress

november 7-9 2018

Instituto de Artes – UNESP, São Paulo – Brazil


French culture and language played an important role in the world, particularly in the nineteenth-century press, phenomenon which was still felt in the early decades of the twentieth century and that has developed thanks to the expansion of the technical means of production and communication, allowing the circulation of press models and of the subjects addressed by it, as well as the constitution of globalized imaginaries.

The Americas are no exception to this development and have been touched by the effects of the Francophone Media System, whether in the format of periodicals (such as the case of the feuilleton in newspaper footer) or in the popularity of certain genres (such as the chronicle, and faits divers).

This Congress is therefore devoted to bring together researchers dedicated to study about Francophone periodical press in the Americas of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as newspapers, magazines, reviews and almanacs, in all its manifestations:
  • Study of French periodicals and newspapers published in the Americas (particularly in “minority” French-speaking areas such as United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru or center or western Canada etc.);
  • Study of French periodicals and newspapers published in France that circulated in the Americas in particular as regards the cultural and political exchange with local press);
  • Study of French people or enterprise engagement in the local press (collaborators involved in administration, editor and/or funding);

The Organizing and Scientific Commissions are particularly interested in proposals with a approach about dynamics of transnational connexion and circulation, such as the displacement of men of letters (journalists, correspondents, editors), founding of newspapers from immigrant enclaves, intellectual debate (cultural, economic and political), technical and models appropriation and other.

  • The Francophone press of Americas: media and formats, institutions and person
    • Circulation of models, supports, graphic techniques, rubrics, images, layout; profile of editors, collaborators, journalists, correspondents; business organisation etc.
  • The fine arts and art criticism in the Francophone press of the Americas
    • Publication of images, profile of authors, criticism of exhibitions, museums etc.
  • The theater in the Francophone press of the Americas
    • Publication of texts of dramaturgy, profile of authors, critic of art, theater and theater etc.
  • The music in the Francophone press of the Americas
    • Publication of musical scores, profile of authors, criticism of music, theaters and showrooms etc.
  • The Literature in Francophone press of the Americas
    • Romances, feuilletons, faits divers, polars, poetry, authors’ profile, literary criticism, etc.